12 May 2006

Sock needle #5 is AWOL. I've looked everywhere for the darn thing. I only used four needles yesterday, because I'm knitting the heel flap, but sometime today I will need that extra needle.


1. Knit with four DPNs instead. I don't wanna. 4 dpns is all triangle-y, and ladder-y, and tight. No thanks.

2. Elizabeth Zimmerman said that it's possible to use 4 DPNs of 1 size, and another DPN of one size up or down, and it won't really make a difference in gauge. I don't have size 0 DPNs, and my size 2 are really short and really blunt.

3. Pause the sock until I can buy more DPNs. I may actually end up doing this, but there are complications here as well. Firstly, I'm knitting the stinkin' heel flap. Turning the heel and picking up the stitches is so fun, I don't wanna pause. Secondly, there are no stores anywhere in this town that sell DPNs. The nearest yarn shop is 45 minutes away, and I'd have to wait until Monday evening to go there. But if I go to a yarn shop on Monday evening, there is a very good chance that I will immerge with yarn, and I will not live to tell you hubby's reaction. I may just order needles online, and knit on the blanket until then. Don't know.

Enough of the mourning. One week from today, hubby and I will be driving to Pennsylvania to get Jaden. I can't express how excited we are about this, how excited we are every year.


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