18 May 2006

I finished sock #1 last night, and cast on for the second. I worked on it for quite a while yesterday, as I wanted to finish it before tomorrow morning. We're leaving for Pennsylvania (to pick up Jaden!) first thing tomorrow, and a 24 total hours of driving (/riding) deserves a fresh sock, no? That and lots of Brenda Dayne, Irie, Pixie Purls, and Guido on my iPod should suffice to amuse me.

I also found my damned AWOL bamboo sock needle. I was apparently using it as a bookmark in Nancy Bush's Folk Socks.

Tonight will be spent kid-proofing the house. Knitting needles, blocking pins, chemicals, aspirin.. all will be put out of reach. Tomorrow and Saturday, hours and hours of driving. Sunday, if all goes well, we should be here and resting.. and chasing a 3.5 year-old around.

See you guys next week!


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