13 April 2006

When this:

meets this:

they become this:

(closeup of the stitches and colors)

And the leftovers become an iPod nano cozy:

I didn't actually have a lot of the first yarn, so the rug isn't as large as the photos make it look. But since the garter stitch is so cushy, it feels great under my feet in the morning! (in front of the bathroom sink). I should probably also block it :P

Speaking of an iPod, I just acquired that one yesterday. So of course, getting to the leftover yarn to make the iPod cozy was the motivation for finishing that rug. I've been listening to It's a Purl, Man podcast, and I've always listened to Knitcast. Any other favorites I should check out?


At 3:00:00 PM, Blogger Ragnar said...


hey! do you have the kid yet? you mentioned it awhile back but no follow up.

At 5:39:00 PM, Blogger Beverley said...

Oh... I love the colours. A mat...hmmm winter is coming and the bathroom floor is rather cold!!

An ipod how great would love one but rather expensive here. I have downloaded a podcast to the pc but haven't listened to it yet. Not so easy to carry a PC around. lol! Also the PC is so slow, about 6-7 years old now so you get the idea!.

Knit on>^..^<

PS I am really getting the feeling for spinning again.


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