17 April 2006

Proof! Proof, that I mustered up the courage to leave my house, drive 2 hours, and meet lots of other knitters! Look!

I met Ann and Kay! I met Ann and Kay! They were adorable. Their knits were gorgeous and soft and so drapey. They were awesome speakers, and just generally very nice ladies.

I decided to go to the signing at the bookshop rather than the yarn shop, and I picked up some other loot as well. Spin-Off magazine, since I'm never able to find it around here. And finally, the Yarn Harlot's second book. I've read the first couple of stories, and it's hilarious.

Since I had the camera out, I decided I might as well take a couple of progress shots.

This is the toe-up sock I've been working on. I can start the heel in about 2 and a half inches. Hooray!

This is the meager progress I've made on the Branching Out scarf with my handspun terracotta yarn. Please ignore that I'm stretching it a bit with a speaker and a candle, so that you can see the lace pattern well without having to block it. I'm really not sure if I like how the yarn colors are working with the pattern. I've considered frogging it and doing a feather and fan stitch instead, or even using this yarn for a monkey. What do you think?


At 5:57:00 AM, Blogger Lufah said...

I looked at the pic of the scarf before I read what was underneath, and I thought that the yarn worked really well in that pattern - it's variegated enough to be interesting, but not variegated to the point where it obscures the stitch pattern. It looks beautiful in the photo. But monkeys are always fun, too. :)

At 12:33:00 PM, Blogger Ragnar said...

See...that wasn't so scary was it? Leaving the house I mean. And don't touch that scarf, it's purty.

Oh! And I'm cleaning out my crap and I found an old issue of spin off if you want it.

At 3:24:00 PM, Blogger Beverley said...


I agree leave that scarf alone!! Looks great. Lucky you to meet the authors. What has impressed me is that my DP has ordered me a copy of their book even before I knew about it. He said it's not often he finds out something before me!

Socks look nice as well. I am going to have to knit some and am keen to try toe up , what would be a good pattern to start with?

Thanks and knit on >^..^<


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