29 April 2006

I've deleted a post. Some of you caught it.. some of you didn't. It was a post describing my experience at a particular yarn shop. I'm glad the owner of the yarn shop got to read it. I told her what I thought; she responded likewise. That's as far as it goes. I dislike drama in all aspects of my life, and there is no need for it here. So, yarn shop owner, if you're reading this, thanks for responding. I'm glad the feeling is mutual. We both know that, and we can drop it now.

Back to your regularly scheduled knitting talk:

Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee, in one of her books, has assured me that it's okay to knit a sock that might not fit. It will fit someone. I'm reading all of her books at once, in little bits and pieces, so please don't ask which one, though I think it is Knitting Rules. So I worked on that a bit yesterday. Most of my time was spent starting a blanket for Jaden, who will be here in 21 days! It's just a basic basketweave blanket, and will take approximately forever to knit. That's okay. I like him to see me working on it. Last year, I hadn't learned to knit yet. I crocheted. I crocheted him a blanket, which was actually just lots of squares (not granny squares, mind you) put together. He saw me making squares day after day. He saw me sewing them together (I guess you could call it sewing.. it was more like pretending to know what I was doing.) When it was finished, I presented it to him, and even though it was his, and he slept with it, he always called it "Steppie's blue blankie." Aww.


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