11 April 2006

I got my BFL in yesterday, so last night was a dyeing frenzy. I must have dyed 2 lbs of fiber. I dyed larger amounts this time, because I'm tired of this "92 yards" crap. I only ended up with one color that I absolutely MUST keep for myself, and another that I may or may not.. depending on how it spins up. Then I've got the blue/purple that I've done too many times and I will definitelly sell. It appears as though all the blues, purples, and the black of Wilton's make a blue/purple combo. Not my thing. I used Copper last night, which turned out orange. Lemon yellow which was actually lemon yellow. The one that I must keep for myself, though, was the result of a few different colors. It started with red, until I realized I was just going to get a melon color again. So I added burgundy to try and darken it up.. possibly make it a scarlet or eve n a wine color. That made dark melon.. so I threw in a bit of brown. The result is a red with bits of pale, pale pink and just hints of the brown tone. Doesn't sound too delicious, but it's gorgeous. It looks like a dusty rose. I dyed some more with the color that made Thinmints.. except used more dye this time, so it doesn't have as much white.

Y'know, even the colors that I don't really like, I end up getting fond of when they're all spun up and sitting here in skeins waiting on someone to buy them. I glance over occasionally and look at the colors and the texture.. and imagine all the things it could be. Occasionally, I give in and delete it from the etsy shop and cast on with it. Terracotta, for example, was in my etsy shop for awhile. Now it's becoming branching out. April Rain and Astonomy are now working together to create what will most likely be a small rug (it's very soft.. even if it is small, I want to put my feet on it). I don't seem to get as attached to them when they're in balls. It's just the skeins I want to knit up or stash away. Weird.


At 9:36:00 AM, Blogger Ragnar said...

Yeah, I am so over having barely enough for a hat when I get done spinning. I'm never buying less than a pound of something again...well you know, unless it's really cool.


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