09 April 2006

Guess what guess what guess what!

Y'know that book I was talking about? Mason-Dixon Knitting. I'm going to get to meet the authors of it! *crosses fingers* They're doing a book tour right now, and will be at my not-so-local LYS (2 hours away) on March 18th!! Whoohoo! Needless to say, I'm excited. Omg. It just occurred to me. This is going to be a signing for a knitting book.. at a yarn store.. with other knitters. There will possibly be knitting there. I've never actually met another knitter. Like, ever. I must be knitting something scrumptious.. something delightful.. possibly something out of handspun yarn! OMG! Even more so.. this MIGHT be an opportunity to lead some buyers to my etsy shop. *breaks out the business cards* Actually, that might be kinda tacky at a yarn shop. Perhaps I should go to the one in Nashville at the bookstore instead. Either way, I've gotta get spinning.. and knitting. And freaking out.

Unfortunately, I'm out of roving. Have been for a week. I THINK my shipment will arrive tomorrow. I'm starting to wither away.


At 6:30:00 AM, Blogger Ragnar said...

First of all...omg, you've never met another knitter? How is that possible? Perchance you have met them, but been unaware of their knitterly status? But you're the girl who tries to blend in with her couch cushions whenever she hears to doorbell ring, so I guess that's somewhat understandable.

Although it would be fairly tacky to promote your etsy store at a yarn shop, you could certainly lead people to your blog...and then promote your yarn sales on your blog. However you'd have to start updating it more frequently...slacker!

At 7:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe this explains it - you just have no idea how real people act outside of child marriage, outside of the sticks and not knowing a single knitter - you're cluelesss. Spare the knitters and move on


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