20 April 2006

Great, just great.

I made a gauge swatch before I started. Granted, it wasn't a large gauge swatch, but it was a gauge swatch, and it was in the round. 8 st/inch. Perfect.

Oh, the sock. I'm talking about the sock.

Being the obsessive-compulsive, slightly-perfectionist, worrisome wench that I am.. I checked my gauge again.. about 5 inches into the sock. 10 st/inch. Um.

So now, I stare at my sock. Glare at my sock, even. All those nice, neat little stitches.. and it does this to me. Will it be too small? It's toe-up.. I tried it on. It feels nice. Comfortable. A little too comfortable. Eerily comfortable. (Well, other than the needles biting into my foot.) Will I have the courage to finish it, even with the gauge being off.. taking my chances on a too-tight sock? Not sure. Will I frog it and start over? Definitely not. Will I just abandon the sock, punishing it to forever be a work in progress? Possibly. If that happens, will I give up on socks forever, and admit loudly to the world that I LOVE MAKING HATS, not socks.. not stinkin' socks.. not god awful socks? Perhaps.

That said, I think this evening will be devoted to Branching Out.. (branching out away from socks.. grr.)


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