18 April 2006

Beverley, you should definitely try toe-up socks. I like that it gives you something interesting to work on immediately (the short-row toes) rather than having to knit inches and inches for the leg, before anything cool happens. I think the general consensus in the sock-knitting community is that Wendy's Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern is the pattern to start with. I tried starting using a book, Simple Socks: Plain and Fancy, but turned to Wendy's pattern when I was having a little bit of difficulty, and have found Wendy's pattern to be much more helpful. There is an article in the newest knitty that has pictures to go along with her cast on method, I believe. Don't quote me on that.

Thanks everyone for your input on the scarf. I'll keep working on it. Also, Lufah, thanks so much for dropping by and commenting :)

Today's knitting time was devoted to this:

This is a kid's size beanie, the first of many hats that I will be making for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay, which is a real pleasure to knit with. The color surprised me, as it looks a lot better knitted up than in the ball. I never saw it in skein form, as I got it as a swap at the knit_swap livejournal community, and it was already balled up. I'm working on busting my stash, because I have so many oddballs, and I'm trying to make room for new yarns, so that I can buy large enough quantities for an actual project. I think these hats will definitely help with that.


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