21 March 2006


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So I know this hasn't really been a knitting blog lately, but more of an "adventures in spinning" blog. That's okay, right? :P I'm getting the knitting itch, though, so soon you'll hear something about it. It doesn't help that I don't have a printer, so all the online patterns I want to knit, I either have to do it in front of the pc, or go to the local college or my mum's house & print. I've got hubby printing off 3 patterns for me at the college right now, though, and I'll get a printer soon. I guess I could just be like dear ol' Ragnar and not use patterns. I'll just be happy that I can make a hat without a pattern, and leave the rest to the talented designers.

Anyhow, without further ado, I present Seaspray. 111 yards of worsted weight BFL. Mostly a solid viridian greeen color, but with gradual variations of shade. Dyed with Wilton's um.. what color was that.. *thinks* Willow Green! I dyed lots of new roving yesterday, 2 nearly solids, one.. interesting, and one rustic. You'll see them spun up soon, I imagine. Also, I'm using flickr now, and I posted this entry via "Blog this!" after I uploaded the photo. Is this okay, or should I log into blogger and manually insert the photos and whatnot?


At 11:29:00 AM, Blogger Ragnar said...

You have no printer and I have no camera...does that make us even or am I still the bad guy because I haven't posted a picture of skull shrug yet?

Everything looks fine from where I'm standing...er sitting on my ass in front of my computer.


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