10 March 2006

I'm lost.

All my bookmarks have been erased.

My knitting patterns.. my blogs.. my yarn/fiber suppliers.. once arranged into neat little folders.. now gone.



At 1:52:00 AM, Blogger Beverley said...

Oh dear.........How did that happen?? {passes tissue)

That has happened at work when they upgrade without telling you...! You just feel like you have lost at lot. But all the important stuff is still out there the challenge is finding it again.

You have just reminded me how important it is to make back-ups. Had a hacker on my PC which took months of work to sort out. I am so careful now but must admit I haven't taken backups. How do you back up a blog?? Would hate to lose all that!!

Hopefully others can help out and give you the info you want. Like sites etc. Let us all know which you want and we can see if we can help.

Knit on >^..^<

At 6:14:00 AM, Blogger Ragnar said...

Oh dear...well look at it this way, there was probably a lot of crap in there that you never used anyway, and you'll remember most of the important stuff.

Sorry kiddo. Anything we can do to help?


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