07 February 2006

So. The postman was not nice today. He brought me absolutely nothing. On top of that, on the way to check my mail (I get packages sent to my mum's since my apartment mailbox is too small and my neighbors might like yarn stuffs too..).. anyhow, on the way to check the mail, I saw frozen goldfish. My mum's goldfish pond is frozen, complete with goldfish. I was disturbed, but she laughed at me and told me they would.. thaw. Hoping for an early spring!

So. If the postman is not nice tomorrow, he's had it. I know his cell phone number; I will track him down and demand that he hand over the packages that I'm sure are in town.. I bet he's playing with my spindle as I type! Tomorrow might be a crazy day for packages, depending on who shipped what when.. spindle should be coming in tomorrow at the latest, my pound of wool roving from Copper Moose should be in tomorrow as well, yarn and a book from a swap (knitswap lj community) should be tomorrow, and my knitpicks order (ball winder!) has a pretty good chance of arriving tomorrow. There are two other packages, but I belive they'll be in around the end of this week or the beginning of next. So I will be awaiting the postman at noon, complete with a beatstick.

I demand yarn!


At 11:59:00 AM, Blogger Ragnar said...

Ask me to tell you the funny story about the mailman and the new years eve party sometime.

And yippee, it sounds like you've got quite a haul coming...or one happy postman, spinning, winding balls and trying to decide what he's going to knit with it all, looking through his nifty new book.


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