15 February 2006

So when I'm not knitting, spinning, reading blogs watching Sex & the City, drinking coffee, or being with my hubby, I browse etsy. There's really some amazing stuff there. So, in homage to all the talented crafters, here are my favorite etsyians:

This candlemaker is absolutely amazing. She makes fake food candles and tarts, and this stuff looks friggin' delicious.

I fell in love with kateblack for one reason. This pendant. Spike is beautiful. And if you snatch it up I will eat your brains.

This lady (?) has made the most amazing "piggy bank" I've ever seen. Behold.

And then there's chetanddot who've made the cutest little pink teddy ever.

And even though I'm not usually into these things, I fell in love with this pop-art inspired pug magnet from tvtrayart.

MoonGardenCreations has the most soothing-looking soap ever. Like this Oat & Honey Scrub Bar:

Photoglassworks is a popular seller. She has some of the most beautiful pendants, and I'm not usually a jewelry person.

Natty has the cutest dolls ever. Look! A zombie girl!


At 7:34:00 AM, Blogger Ragnar said...

Amazing...I had no idea that such a place existed. I really must get me a digital camera so that I can post some photos of my shite. LUV! the zombie doll.

At 7:01:00 PM, Blogger Atla said...

Yes, yes, you must get a digital camera. I want to see! Lol, I thought you'd like the zombie doll.


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