07 February 2006

So what is on the menu today? Well, first coffee. Then work. But if the postman is feeling nice today, he will perhaps bring my spindle while I am at work, and so I imagine you will hear me cursing because I have no idea how to use the stinkin' thing. But I am very excited, nonetheless. He might also bring my ball-winder from knitpicks, which I will use to *gasp* wind my yarn into balls.. particularly some that I dyed with kool-aid recently, so I will then get to show it off. I hope I can get the color right in the photo.

Yesterday was.. an adventure of a sorts, and I will tell you about it sometime next week when it is more relevant.

Saturday night and Sunday was supposed to be a movie/tubey marathon. Unfortunately for tubey, I picked that time to get absolute obsessed with spinning. I joined in a new ball of yarn about an inch ago, and by my calculations Tubey will be done when this 96 yd ball of yarn is gone. Not that it's my last yarn.. I have 4 more, but I shortened the sleeves. I think it's going to be too big. I think I should have made a size medium. Bleh.


At 8:07:00 AM, Blogger Ragnar said...

More tubey less spinny...but if you want lots of bad advice about spinning, I've got extra.


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