01 February 2006

So I mentioned that I'll be doing hubby's Harry Potter scarf for the Olympics.. right after I finish Tubey. I'm starting to question my sanity. Hours spent in front of the tv with 3x1 rib. Then, upon finishing, I pick up hours in front of the tv of stockinette in the round. On the upside, I've watched some really great movies recently. Super Troopers and The 40 Year Old Virgin were both hilarious. Half Light made me cry in the first 10 minutes, and yet scared me later. In Her Shoes was much better than I thought, also succeeding in making me cry twice. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a pleasant surprise. Benny & Joon, an older movie that I've finally gotten around to watching, has become an all-time favorite. Seeing Other People, on the other hand, was bleh to me and infuriating to my hubby. I won't quote him here. Today will be Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, then whatever catches my eye when I go to return the two I have out. Thank corporate America for my Blockbuster movie pass.

That said, I've actually really enjoyed working on Tubey. If I do another one, I think I'll change the neckline up a bit (even though I do love the square neckline), and do something to make the sleeves smaller. Most likely just cast-on less stitches, but make it just as long across the back, then make the body longer to make up for the smaller width of the back. It depends on how this one fits when it's all done.

I really am loving my Denise Interchangeables, by the way. The tips are so smooth and light, plus I only had one circular needle before I bought them. Definitely a good investment. The ball winder that hubby will be buying me for Valentine's Day (I hope) will be most welcome as well.

You know, when I first started knitting, stockinette stitch was absolutely out of the question for long periods of time. Garter stitch even moreso. I wanted to do cables, and a lace-paneled purse, and short rows. I'm thankful for that, because I didn't get stuck in the garter-stitch scarf phase. So I can do all that.. somewhat. Lace still makes me nervous if it's actually laceweight yarn instead of the bulky manos the purse was made from, but I appreciate the simple patterns that are innovative because of the way these basic stitches are put together. Also, when I first started, I smirked at shrugs.. now I find myself itching to make one in an older issue of IK. Things like Clapotis were laughable.. and now I spend five hours straight looking for the perfect yarn for Clapotis (which I've found but is completely unavailable right now.) Tweed was for old men, but now my tweed socks are coming along beautifully. I couldn't for the life of me find a knit sweater that I would wear.. now I've got so many I want to knit that I don't know which to do first. Basically, I look at this stuff differently now. But that's extending into the rest of my life, because I look at something initially in disdain, and then think about how different it looks when you're actually doing it.. how beautiful it can be. And I've mellowed out.. become tolerant. I'm a happier person, and easier to get along with.. as long as you don't disturb me while I'm watching Johnny Depp and doing 3x1 rib.


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