28 February 2006

One would think that if, on a normal day, you use 1/3 cup of ground coffee and fill the pot up to the line that says 5 for a perfect cup of coffee, you could theoretically double that on a shitty day and use 2/3 cup of ground coffee and fill the pot up to the line that says 10 to come away with perfect coffee in a larger quantity. Right? Not so much.

Anyhoo, have you guys seen this. It's really pretty. Someone else make it so I can see how it fits and decide if I want to make it, k? :D

I play World of Warcraft. Have I mentioned that? I play on a lovely roleplaying server on which no one roleplays. I have a level 42 gnomish mage and a level 29 dwarven hunter, and these characters are co-guildmaster of a guild that I created, named Paradigm of Virtue, which now has about 70 members. I haven't really played in a long time. Since before I started Tubey, I suppose. I have at least logged on every few days to make sure everything in the guild was okay. So a couple of days ago when I logged on, the officers that I've appointed pretty much asked me to step down as guildmaster since I never play. I suppose that's a perfectly reasonable request, since well, I don't play. But I love the game, I love the guild, and I love my characters. They just can't seem to understand that I love yarn more. Yarn is my first love.. my true love.. right alongside my husband and step-son.

If you're curious as to what happened, I blew up at one officer.. he blew up at me. He left the guild. I promoted two others to officer. We made up. Officer who left re-joined the guild. I promoted him. We now have 5 officers, so I appointed one of them second in command, and one of them treasurer, which pretty much covers all of my duties. Told them if they need me to ask my hubby to find the girl on the couch under all the yarn, and I would be there after just one more row.


At 1:36:00 PM, Blogger Beverley said...

Heh it would look wicked in homespun, perhaps you need to trial it yourself and let the rest of us know!!!

And the game was yours!! Right!!


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