10 February 2006

Kris asked: "How do you like the Babe? The price is right, but I would be worried that it would be as solid as a traditional wooden wheel?"

Well, I don't really feel that I'm qualified to say. I, unfortunately, haven't been able to work with a traditional wooden wheel. At this point, however, I haven't found anything about the Babe that I specifically dislike. It holds up better than I thought it might, so I'm pleased.

Beverly said: "Now in a few months you will be trying to reproduce the "novelty" yarn you first spun and you won't be able to!!"

Lol. One can only dream.

Well, it's getting better all the time. I did a little "spinning" (not sure if you can quite call it that yet) between coffee and work this morning, and everything went much smoother. My problem with overtwisting is decreasing, though I still have some bad spots. But I'm having fun :)

In other news, Tubey is done except for weaving in the gazillion ends and blocking. I've started on weaving in the ends. I hope it fits a bit better after blocking. It's kind of.. strange.


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