19 February 2006

Just when I was starting to panic because I ran out of roving, I got my Pay It Forward roving from Etsy. Look! It's pretty! This was hand-dyed by Tala.

And now that it's arrived, I can say: Look what I've won!

A nice blogger, Laura at Affiknitty, was holding a contest to get folks to delurk. To enter to win fabulous yarn, you just had to leave a comment on that entry. She had quite a few prizes, and I won the best.. this beautiful Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in colorway Hawaii. Thanks so much, Laura!

Updates on Tubey: It's finished and dry, and I have very mixed feelings towards it. On one hand, It looks gorgeous laying flat. It actually fits better than I thought, but I still wish I had gone with the medium and just knit the length of the back for the large. But had I just gone with the medium, I wouldn't have known to do that and so it still wouldn't fit perfectly. And better a tad too large than too tight in the shoulders, eh? However, the main problem with it is the Andean Silk that I used. This stuff feels wonderful in the ball, each individual strand feels luscious running through my fingers, but it is very itchy when actually wearing it in a full garment, and I'm not usually that sensitive to wool. And it's very fuzzy. My swatch wasn't fuzzy :( It isn't fuzzy as in.. pilling. It just has a lot of individual fibers that stick out and make you look like a sheep. Baa. But I will try to get a photo of it soon. I'm actually contemplating making another in a different yarn, perhaps that Wool of the Andes that I got in, but I'm all Tubeyed out right now. And I think I might want to make this first. Or this. Or this. And eventually I want to make this (PDF!). And Rogue. Yeah, I've got a full line up. Not to mention a lot of socks (jaywalkers!) and hats. Yeah.

And hey, I've got a really stupid question. I've been trying to avoid asking it, figuring I would figure it out on my own. Um. *blush* So.. how do you.. er.. adjust the ratio on a Babe wheel? Anyone? *runs away*


At 5:09:00 PM, Blogger Beverley said...


Love the roving!!! Must start spinning again.:)

I must find out what a tubey is as well. lol. As for the question about ratio.

It isn't anything to "blush" about.Every wheel is different, which means as I haven't a babe to hand I can't help with this one. Some wheels come with different size whools on the spindle head and mine, a ,majicraft has also got different sizes on the drive wheel itself. As the wheel is a scotch drive as opposed to a double it means I can move the drive band up or down different sizes. This means that for every turn of the drive wheel there is more or less turns of the spindle. Thus when spinning bulky every turn has less twist than if I am spinning fine which has more turns of the spindle for every turn of the drive wheel. Hence "ratio". I hope this is clear? Again a good book should tell you, also an interent site might help.

Some wheels don't have the option of changing and the only way is to spin slower for bulky and faster for fine, or that is hold back the fibre to insert more twist and feed in faster for bulky. Something you get the feel for as you learn. This was the reason I bought a majicraft as I was spininng a lot of lace weight and was having to treadle very fast on my older wheel to insert enough twist. I have 4 spinning wheels by the way , not to mention the 7 weaving looms, knitting machine etc etc. No wonder I had to move to a bigger house!! lol.

Good luck and knit on and by the way what is wrong with looking like a sheep. baaaaaaaaa!!!


At 6:46:00 AM, Blogger Ragnar said...

If you post a picture of Tubey, I'll find a way to get a photo of the skull shrug, deal?

At 3:47:00 PM, Blogger Atla said...

Oh, that's low. Possibly even evil.

Crazy pirates. *shakes head*


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