12 February 2006

I've woven in the ends on Tubey, and it is drying as I type. Expect a photo soon!


At 11:24:00 AM, Anonymous Jauncourt said...

I know I'm hijacking your post, here, but I'm one of the ones who commented on your antique question over on eljay. I have the book I rec'd you, so if you can't find it (and you still have the item in question that you want to fix up), email me at jauncourt at yahoo dot com and I'll help out any way I can!

BTW, congrats on your project. I've been too sick lately to spin (pneumonia, bleh), so I've gone back to knitting. I'm trying a kitty hat, but I'm a procrasti-knitter with a whole bin of UFO's. Which means I have HUGE respect for anyone who can actually finish anything.

At 1:47:00 PM, Blogger Beverley said...


Finally back at work and at a computer that goes faster than a wet week!

Just wanted to say congrats on great yarn! And the fact that you are enjoying yourself.

2 well deserved pats on the back coming your way?


Who by the way frogged her olympic knitting and has restarted after doing over 6 inches. I just knew it wasn't going to be big enough! sigh....


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