02 February 2006

I finished the first tweed sock today. My first sock.. ever. Granted, it is DK weight yarn, but I didn't follow a pattern. I just used techniques learned from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. So, one down, one to go.

And, online yarn shop reviews, Part 1.

I'm picky about online yarn stores. Really picky. It has to have a decent layout, non-cruddy colors, a good search or browse feature, and most importantly of course, decent yarn. So today, while I should have been working, I instead got out my latest issue of Interweave Knits, and made a long list of online yarn shops to check out. Now that I've gone to all of them, here's the scoop.

http://www.lambspun.com - Not really an online yarn store. Just tells about their physical shop. Nothing of interest, unless you happen to live in Colorado. I don't.

http://www.mountaincolors.com - Nooo!! The colors!! Bad layout, hurts my eyes, and I didn't even see a place to order the yarn. Preserve your eyesight and don't visit this one.

http://www.colorful-stitches.com - The ad was the first thing that caught my eye.. the first ad that wasn't hideous, actually. The website colors are tasteful. After you find the yarn, there isn't really a way to browse specific categories other than weight (and for some reason they don't have worsted), but the search feature works fine, and the yarn is.. cheaper. Seriously. All of it. Manos del Uruguay is $9.34 USD instead of the usual $13.25. Painter's Palette Premium Merino.. $8.66 USD instead of $11.55. They don't have a huge selection. No Lorna's Laces. They carry most Debbie Bliss & Rowan, though. When buying yarn online, it's definitely worth checking here first to see if they have it.. because it'll be cheaper. They got da hook up.

Image hosting by Photobuckethttp://www.loopyarn.com/ - Wow. Beautiful website, beautiful yarns. They specialize in carrying hand-painted yarns.. Lorna's Laces, Artyarns, Mal Abrigo, and more. Anyone who has fallen in love with these, will immediately love this shop. Browse by manufacturer, a simple yet effective search feature, and absolutely friggin' gorgeous yarn. Bookmark this one now.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the reviews.


At 3:49:00 PM, Blogger Ragnar said...

That's the cruel thing about socks...yay I finished a sock...boo I have to knit another sock exactly the same. Congrats though on going patternless...the only way to knit!

At 5:19:00 PM, Blogger Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Mountain Colors actually doesn't sell the yarn on their site, but they should have a list of retailers. Me, I just google "Bearfoot" and usually get a few good retailers to compare prices at.

Try http://www.twoswansyarn.com they have pretty good prices, a nice selection of Lorna's sock yarn, and great yarns for for lace, fair isle and aran knitting.


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