11 February 2006

I am on the hunt for the perfect roving. The qualifications it must meet:

-Under $30/lb. (Okay, I might stretch it to $32 if it's absolutely perfect.)
-Soft wool

Not that hard. Lots of roving fits that description. However it must be dyed satisfactorily. Dyeing isn't my strong point, and I'm not in the mood to mess up fiber. I like rich colors, whether earth tones or otherwise. Too much pastel makes me feel ill. I want a multicolor roving, 3+ colors, or 2 if the colors have a lot of different shades. As an example, here is the perfect wool, presumable made from the perfect roving, even though I think she dyed it herself. That's the catch, I want pretty colors without DIYing it.

Experts, help me.


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