31 January 2006

From 2006-01-31 08:26:00

Yes, like thousands of other knitters, I want to participate in the Knitting Olympics. I haven't mentioned this, but I have a general rule against WIP photos now. Seriously, half the fun of knitting is taking lovely photos of it and posting it on a blog. So... if I do that halfway through the darn process, then I want to start something else to blog about. So, general rule: No WIP photos. No sock photos until both socks are complete. It's a good motivator. However, the knitting olympics might be an exception.. cause I'll still have that deadline to keep me going. Yep, yep.

Now the problem is.. what shall I knit? I have yarn for my jaywalker socks, and yarn for hubby's ravenclaw scaf is on the way. I need to get hubby's ravenclaw scarf done, as it is intended to be a Vday gift, though he won't mind if it's late. But not too late, y'know.. I at least need to be working on it by Vday. There's no way I'm going to get it done before the Olympics, because Tubey is occupying my time right now. And I can't exactly knit jaywalker socks during the olympics if I'm trying to do hubby's scarf on the side. Pattern-wise, I think Jaywalkers will be more of a challenge. However, that damn scarf is knit in the round, so it is double the normal scarf width, and really long. Patience-wise, HP scarf is more of a challenge. But it's also the perfect movie knitting, which means that I won't be sweating like all my fellow Olympic Knitters.. I'll be watching Sex and the City or something.

Ooh! I know! I can learn the jogless join for the scarf.. which is something I'm kind of nervous about! There.. it tries my patience and my nerves! Officially a challenge! Woot, stay tuned. Hopefully FO pic of Tubey to come before too long.


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