31 January 2006

So I'm jealous. Everyone on knitting blogs has cute cat photos. I'm not exactly a cat person, and no doggies for me in my apartment. Therefore, I will decorate my blog with a cute hubby photo. Really.

From 2006-01-31 08:26:00

Yes, like thousands of other knitters, I want to participate in the Knitting Olympics. I haven't mentioned this, but I have a general rule against WIP photos now. Seriously, half the fun of knitting is taking lovely photos of it and posting it on a blog. So... if I do that halfway through the darn process, then I want to start something else to blog about. So, general rule: No WIP photos. No sock photos until both socks are complete. It's a good motivator. However, the knitting olympics might be an exception.. cause I'll still have that deadline to keep me going. Yep, yep.

Now the problem is.. what shall I knit? I have yarn for my jaywalker socks, and yarn for hubby's ravenclaw scaf is on the way. I need to get hubby's ravenclaw scarf done, as it is intended to be a Vday gift, though he won't mind if it's late. But not too late, y'know.. I at least need to be working on it by Vday. There's no way I'm going to get it done before the Olympics, because Tubey is occupying my time right now. And I can't exactly knit jaywalker socks during the olympics if I'm trying to do hubby's scarf on the side. Pattern-wise, I think Jaywalkers will be more of a challenge. However, that damn scarf is knit in the round, so it is double the normal scarf width, and really long. Patience-wise, HP scarf is more of a challenge. But it's also the perfect movie knitting, which means that I won't be sweating like all my fellow Olympic Knitters.. I'll be watching Sex and the City or something.

Ooh! I know! I can learn the jogless join for the scarf.. which is something I'm kind of nervous about! There.. it tries my patience and my nerves! Officially a challenge! Woot, stay tuned. Hopefully FO pic of Tubey to come before too long.

From: 2006-01-30 16:37:00

So I've decided that I read Eunny's blog a little too much. How have I reached this conclusion, you ask? Upon glancing briefly at Grumperina's Jaywalker Gallery, I immediately noticed a tiny thumbnail photo of a pair that must be Eunny's.. even though I'd never seen her finished photo. I think I recognized her floor, her stellar skills, her photography style, and maybe even her feet. I clicked on the link.. they were hers. I'm frightened.

From 2006-01-25 16:26:00

So I was at my not-so LYS today and overheard a conversation between two ladies regarding the pros and cons of a cotton handknit skirt vs a 100% wool handknit skirt. The owner was vouching for cotton, saying that it'd be easier to wash. "You would have to hand-wash a wool skirt." Then a 3rd lady who was obviously listening as well chimed in "Or just drop it off at the dry-cleaners." Um. No..? You can't dry clean 100% wool, right? Right?

Today's Haul:

The item that I actually went to the yarn store for:  my new shiny denise needles!  Also in this photo you can see some crystal palace size 1 bamboo DPNs I picked up.

And now everything else I snatched up and quickly ran off with before hubby realized how much it was going to be and made me put it back..

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Camouflage.

Regia superwash self-striping sock yarn in color 5440  And Trekking XXL superwash sock yarn in color 71.

And yes, these photos have made me realize I really need to clean my desk.